Q36.5 and Daniela Ryf - a strong and innovative partnership

Daniela Ryf becomes the new brand ambassador of the innovative bikewear brand Q36.5. «I am very happy about the cooperation with Q36.5. I am especially excited about the passion and professionalism of the team. I am sure that Q36.5's products and science-based knowledge will ideally support me in pushing my limits and growing beyond them,» says Daniela Ryf.

Q36.5 is known for their high-quality and innovative bike and triathlon apparel and is looking forward to working with the athlete and further developing their products through direct feedback. «It's very exciting to work with triathletes. They are performance-oriented and pay attention to many important details and what can be improved. We see the collaboration as an excellent opportunity to test our apparel and make it even more innovative. The weekly dialogue with Daniela Ryf is very important to us. Together we test functional clothing and materials directly in the wind tunnel. This allows us to make our triathlon collection even more powerful,» emphasizes Luigi Bergamo, CEO.

As a 10-time world champion, Daniela has tried many racing suits throughout her career. But from the beginning, the Q36.5 suit impressed her the most. The fit and fabric quality to optimize aerodynamics and heat regulation were key factors for Daniela. Together with Q36.5, she wants to further improve the triathlon skinsuit to make it the fastest on the market. Thanks to the functionality of Q36.5's equipment, the athlete was able to continue her training even in sub-zero temperatures. She used to avoid racing outside in cold weather - that changed when Ryf discovered Q36.5. «The functionality of the clothing is impressive, regulating temperature so as not to overheat on the climbs and perfectly protecting the body from wind and cold on the descents,» says the five-time Hawaii winner.

New brand ambassador for Q36.5 - Daniela Ryf
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