Get to the start in the best possible form

Daniela Ryf has been training very hard on Maui for the last three weeks and is now in Kona for the season's highlight. Ryf is aiming to win a fourth Ironman title in Hawaii in top form.

On 13 September, Ryf flew to Maui - with almost 90 kilos of luggage. Now the last training block of the four-time World Champion has been completed: "It was quite hard, but also very good. We had long practice sessions and high intensity sessions. I'm really very happy," says Ryf. "Of course you never get used to the heat and humidity, but everything is going according to plan."

Ryf arrived in Kona last Friday (5.10.18). "I have settled in here in the new apartment, have some appointments to attend and train only very little. At this point, it's all about keeping my body "running"," says Ryf. At the same time Ryf tries not to think about the race all the time: "Anticipation and tension are just part of it. But the best feeling is when the race goes well," laughs Ryf. "The preparations make me feel confident and I want to show that I'm really well prepared."

In addition to the tension, curiosity before the race day is also part of it because: "A lot can always happen at an Ironman. But the most important thing is to know that I can be fit at the start."

What Ryf is still doing until the race:

  • briefings
  • International Media Conference
  • Wednesday- tapering phase


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Ironman Kona, Hawaii - Daniela Ryf
Ironman Kona, Hawaii - Daniela Ryf
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