Every meter counts!

It's that time again. "Every cent counts" 2017 has started and I'm happy to be part of it again. This year money will be raised for the education of children in need.

For me, a good education is something very valuable and extremely important for the future of every child. Unfortunately, not every child in the world has the same opportunities as we do in Switzerland. That's why I am involved in the "Every Meter Counts" campaign this year, and with Nik Hartmann, I'm walking 8,000 meters along the Lucerne Lake Basin. For every meter that Nik and I run together, we collect donations. Sign up on the website and join us or donate for the promotion. Let's see how far we get!

On Tuesday, 19 December 2017, I will visit Tina, Stefan and Fabio in the glass box for an interview at 3 pm. At 3.15 pm we all meet in front of the glass box and at 3.30 pm we start together for the run. If you want to run, you do not have to do any previous training. The action should be fun and we do not have to be fast. In any case, you should wear a good jacket and tights or trainers pants. It's going to be cold, but we're looking forward to warming up with the run. ;-)

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