Daniela Ryf on RedBull's Mind Set Win

The Mind Set Win podcast unravels the mental tactics of top athletes. In the 16th episode, host and cross-country mountain biker Kate Courtney talks with Daniela about her triathlon career so far and how she personally overcame setbacks. Daniela shares the full story on the jellyfish sting that pushed her to a mental limit at the 2018 World Championships in Hawaii, making it one of her most important key moments in life.

They also talk about mind control, goal setting, and focus. These approaches not only led Daniela to victory, but also to a course record - despite this jellyfish sting.

«Daniela’s story demonstrates how important it is to manage negative thoughts in order to keep moving forwards.» - Kate Courtney

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RedBull's Mind Set Win-Podcast mit Kate Courtney - Daniela Ryf
Photo Credit: Amani Binhaider
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